LiquiVac – Do It Yourself Oil Change System (Vacuum Oil Change Pump)

Changing an engine’s oil has always been a headache for most do it yourselfers. Just being able to access the drain plugs can be a major project. Then, you’re likely to have oil dripping on you, the engine and the shop floor, the driveway or on the grass. But now this all has changed. The patented LiquiVac Oil Change System vacuums the oil out through the dipstick tube, and turns your oil change nightmare into a dream. Just insert the hose into the dipstick tube, pump it up to create the powerful vacuum, then open the cap valve, and the LiquiVac’s vacuum action extracts the oil out the dipstick tube. It’s that easy!

Once you use the LiquiVac and you’ll see why everyone is using our vacuum to pump oil out of their lawn mowers, Harley’s, ATV’s, boats, cars, trucks and more.

Made in the U.S.A. with pride. U.S. Patent # 6,474,443 B2

Watch the short video to see how the LiquiVac makes oil changes clean and easy.